White Ribbon - How do I get involved

All staff, and in particular our male colleagues, are encouraged to support this initiative and help us build an aware and safe workplace in which violence against women is not tolerated.

Swear the Oath

White Ribbon Australia Oath - I swear never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women. This is my oath
The White Ribbon Oath is more than just a statement of support for the White Ribbon cause. When you Swear the Oath you make a commitment to lead by example, to be a role model and to intervene safely when needed. This means:

  • being aware of how your behaviour influences others
  • raising awareness in your friends and colleagues, and
  • challenging sexist and violent behaviour by speaking up about it, urging the perpetrator to seek professional help or contacting the police on 131 444 or, in an emergency, 000.

Swear now.

Become an Ambassador

If you're passionate about the White Ribbon cause and want to do more than swear the Oath, consider becoming an Ambassador. White Ribbon Ambassadors are the leaders and faces of the Campaign, men and boys who incorporate White Ribbon values into their daily lives. Any man can be a White Ribbon Ambassador and use their influence to affect change within their social and professional circles and beyond. Read more.

Become a 'Face of White Ribbon'

Through the 'Faces of White Ribbon' poster project we are producing a series of posters featuring the faces of the many men at FedUni who support White Ribbon, for display around the campus. To become a part of this project, please email your photo to s.nash@federation.edu.au.