Online training

Welcome to the Risk Health and Safety online training options.

Select the course you wish to complete from the options below. A PDF transcript is also available for each module.

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Courses for Wardens

Emergency Management for Area Wardens and their Deputies (swf, 17.7mb) (Staff only) - 40 minutes

Transcript - Emergency Management for Area Wardens and their Deputies (pdf, 42kb) (Staff only)

Courses for all staff

Incident and Emergency Management (swf, 8.7mb) - 13 minutes

Introduction to Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control (HIRAC) (swf, 8.5mb) - 9 minutes

OHS Corporate Induction (swf, 6mb) - 8 minutes

Contractor inductions

Contractor Induction (swf, 10mb) - 20 minutes

Contractor Refresher (swf, 10mb) - 20 minutes

Module 1 - Work Permits (swf, 3mb) - 10 minutes

Module 2 - Lock Out Tag Out (swf, 5mb) - 10 minutes

Visitor induction

Visitor Induction (swf, 3.4mb) - 5 minutes