Children @ FedUni

FedUni has two policies which articulate ways in which FedUni supports its staff and students who are parents/carers/guardians.

The first is the Children in University Activities Policy. In this Policy FedUni recognises that there are occasions when allowing staff and students who are parents/carers/guardians to bring children to a University activity or location assists these staff and students to balance their work/study and caring responsibilities. However, in this Policy FedUni also recognises that, in a variety of situations, there are reasons why such access may need to be refused or limited. The accompanying Children in University Activities Procedure has been developed to help FedUni balance these needs and must be followed when staff or students wish to bring children to University activities.

The second is the Breastfeeding of Infants Policy. In this Policy FedUni articulates its commitment to policies and practices which support staff and students who wish to continue to breastfeed on their return to work or study. The accompanying Breastfeeding of Infants Procedure provides a framework for providing support and flexibility for breastfeeding mothers, in their transition back to study or work, and in their roles as parents.

Barbara Webb, Manager, Equity and Equal Opportunity can provide advice and assistance in regard to these policies and procedures (ext. 9357 or

Childcare facilities are available at three of FedUni's campuses:

  • FedUni runs the Children's Centre, Mt Helen Campus - Tel: (03) 5327 9456.
  • FedUni runs the SMB Campus Children's Centre, 'X' Building, SMB Campus - Tel: (03) 5327 8183.
  • Wimmera Uniting Care runs the Federation University Australia, Horsham Campus Childcare Centre on the Horsham Campus, Baillie Street, Horsham - Tel: (03) 5362 2665.

FedUni also provides access to parent/breastfeeding rooms - in the Albert Coates Complex on the Mt Helen Campus; at SMB - watch this space (one to be established soon); and in 'C' Building on Horsham Campus.