As your employer, the University is responsible for:

  • The prompt processing of your Worker's Injury Claim Form (within 10 days of receipt); and 
  • The prompt assessment of liability for the injury claimed. (If we cannot determine the liability we will request our insurer to make the determination for us.)

Your Manager/Supervisor is responsible for:

  • Ensuring you receive appropriate medical treatment;
  • Advising the Co-ordinator, Workplace Support as soon as they are aware of any injuries that require time off work and/or medical treatment;
  • Promptly completing injury reports and incident investigations;
  • Promptly forwarding any paperwork relating to the injury to the Co-ordinator, Workplace Support; and
  • Participating in return to work planning, implementation and supervision of the injured staff member concerned.

For accepted claims the Senior Human Resources Advisor is responsible for:

  • Ensuring we stay in contact with the injured staff member whilst they are unable to work and when they return to work;
  • Payment of fair compensation to the injured staff member;
  • Payment of medical and like expenses relating to the injury;
  • Payment of Accident make-up pay for the first 52 weeks an injured staff member is unable to work;
  • Consulting with the injured staff member, their supervisors and treating doctors, to develop and implement a suitable return to work plan;
  • Engaging an occupational rehabilitation provider of the injured worker's choice, when requested;
  • In conjunction with all relevant parties; reviewing and adjusting the return to work plan as required to meet the injured staff member's physical and medical restrictions;
  • Where possible, and in consultation with all relevant parties, providing ongoing alternative duties to a staff member who is unable to return to their pre-injury duties.

As an Employee of the University you are responsible for:

  • Seeking appropriate medical treatment;
  • Advising your manager/supervisor as soon as practical of your injury, and if you will be away from work, and advising your treating doctor that your injury/illness is work related;
  • Obtaining a medical Certificate of Capacity from your treating doctor;
  • Advising your doctor of any duties that you feel that you will be able to complete while injured;
  • Completing an Injury Report form as soon as possible; at a maximum, within 30 days of becoming aware of your injury or illness;
  • Completing and returning your WorkCover Claim Form and associated medical certificates promptly;
  • Advising your manager/supervisor or the Co-ordinator, Workplace Support of any physical or medical restrictions that will affect you while you are injured;
  • Participating in any return to work plans agreed to;
  • Abiding by any medical or physical restrictions imposed while you are on a return to work program, both at work and at home;
  • Advising your manager/supervisor or, if your manager/supervisor is unavailable the Co-ordinator, Workplace Support, of any time off you may require in relation to your injury or the treatment of your injury, preferably prior to your absence;
  • Advising your immediate manager/supervisor or the Co-ordinator, Workplace Support if the duties in your return to work plan are not suitable or need to be adjusted;
  • Advising your immediate manager/supervisor or Co-ordinator, Workplace Support if you have sustained further injury/aggravated your injury while participating in a return to work program; and
  • Where possible, and in consultation with all relevant parties, providing ongoing alternative duties to a staff member who is unable to return to their pre-injury duties.