You experienced a non-sexual incident

In most situations, what happens after an incident of concerning, threatening, or inappropriate behaviour is your choice. You have a sense of the level of danger/distress that you feel and this often determines whether and how you seek support or take action.

Your safety, and the safety of other members of the University is of critical importance. The following recommendations are in place if you wish to seek support or take action:

Get support

The most important thing is to talk with someone and be supported in whatever your next steps are to be.

Find out about available support

Reporting to the University

If the incident is in any way connected to the University, you are strongly encouraged to report the incident to an appropriate University service.

These services can assist you by providing a confidential point of contact to facilitate access to support services, assist with police reporting, understand University incident reporting and complaint processes, make a record of incidents (formal and informal), explain what happens next, and facilitate personal safety plans.

What happens next

This depends on the circumstances of the incident and the actions that you have taken and want to take. We will ensure you are supported and communicated with appropriately, that action is taken (in line with your wishes), and that you are kept safe.