Women in leadership

Eighty-three staff participated in the University's Women in Leadership (WIL) Program in 2013.

The Program brought together Academic, General and TAFE staff from a wide variety of organisational areas who, over five full-day workshops, shared experiences and learned from each other, guest presenters and the program facilitators Kate White and Julie Warnock.

The feedback throughout the sessions was constructive, and positive about the benefits of programs such as this in terms of networking, skill and knowledge development, and in developing actions to put the skills and learning in place.

This Program was a joint initiative between Equity and Equal Opportunity and Human Resources, who collaborated with Kate White to develop the Program for the University. It was supported and funded by the Vice-Chancellor, Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor and the Deputy Vice-Chancellors.

Our presenters greatly contributed to the success of the program by sharing their leadership experiences and expertise – including Vice-Chancellor David Battersby, Rowena Coutts, Darren Holland, Andy Smith, Barbara Webb, Nina Fotinatos, Le-anne O'Brien, Marcia Devlin, Erica Smith, Claire Rasmussen, Leeanne Pitman, Jeannie King, Carl Trotta, Karen Willey and Kelley Jones.

Thank you to all involved in enabling this program to be delivered in 2013 and to the participants for their interest and active engagement in the program.

Evaluation of the 2013 program

Evaluation of the 2013 Women in Leadership Program by Dr Kate White (pdf, 667kb)