Online Equity Program

We are committed to promoting and valuing diversity in our student and staff populations and in making FedUni inclusive and free from unfair treatment - particularly discrimination and harassment.

An online equity program has been developed to assist staff in putting this commitment into practice – to help to ensure the best possible environment for FedUni staff and students (with respect to equal opportunity) through having well-informed staff.

The aims of the Program are:

  • To ensure staff understand their legal rights and responsibilities and what constitutes lawful behaviour in the workplace.
  • To provide staff with guidance on providing appropriate flexibility in learning and working environments.
  • To provide managers/supervisors with guidance on fulfilling their particular responsibilities.
  • To raise awareness of key equity concepts in the areas of disability rights, harassment and discrimination and workplace flexibility.

The Program contains four sections:

  1. Legislation fundamentals
  2. Unlawful discrimination
  3. Harassment and sexual harassment
  4. Resolving grievances

A key outcome of this Program is that staff understand their rights and responsibilities as FedUni staff members, with respect to equal opportunity, discrimination and harassment. This is an imperative for staff to fulfil their responsibilities under FedUni policies, and for FedUni to fulfil its responsibilities under law.

To be enrolled in the program or to have log-in details re-sent to you, contact . Please note this course is not in Moodle, participants will require log-in details to be sent.