What do we mean by harassment?

Harassment (under Equal Opportunity law and FedUni Policy) is unwelcome behaviour that causes another person to feel intimidated, offended and/or humiliated, on a sexual basis or on the basis of characteristics such as sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, marital or carer status, breastfeeding, pregnancy, race, religion, physical features, gender identity.

Harassment can occur even if the behaviour is unintentional. It is the effect on another person that is important.

Harassment is hard to predict - what might be acceptable to one person might be offensive to another. We have to think in advance.

Behaviours which might result in another person feeling intimidated, offended and/or humiliated include:

  • Physical intimacy or contact
  • Sexual remarks or gestures
  • Sexual jokes or images
  • Intrusive personal questions
  • Spreading gossip about a person, such as sexual gossip or gossip about a person's (real or assumed) race, religion, sexual orientation, disability etc
  • Sexist or racist language or humour or images
  • Displays of offensive images (eg on computers, posters, or graffiti) which are sexual, or target characteristics such as race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age
  • Negative comments, jokes or insults eg at the expense of others' characteristics such as race, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, age, religion.
  • Negative comments or actions about adjustments made because of a person's disability or culture or carer responsibilities
  • Request for sexual acts or favours, or unwelcome or repeated requests for 'dates'

You can read more about harassment in the FedUni Equal Opportunity and Valuing Diversity Policy, or view the Discriminatory and Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure.

Please contact the Equity and Equal Opportunity Office for advice, information or referral. Their role is to listen to your concerns and help you decide the best way forward to resolve your concern.

Fact Sheet

Discrimination and Harassment - Your rights and responsibilities at FedUni (PDF, 783kb).

Discrimination and Harassment - Your rights and responsibilities at FedUni (Word, 26kb). Edited for screen reader accessibility.