Concerns and complaints

How are equal opportunity/discrimination/harassment concerns and complaints dealt with at FedUni?

If you have a concern (either about something happening to yourself or something you are aware of around you), the first thing to do is to obtain information and assistance.

Here are some starting points for confidential advice and assistance:

Their role is to help you to decide on the best way to deal with your concern. You may decide to take direct action yourself, or invoke a FedUni process eg harassment/ discrimination complaint procedure, or bullying complaint procedure, or grievance procedure, or discipline process.

The aim of our processes is to resolve concerns and complaints so that staff and students can continue their work and studies in a safe and supportive environment. In most cases this can be done through discussion, or through a conflict resolution process where both sides reach agreement. In some cases, an investigation is needed and a FedUni senior manager will decide what action is needed.

If a complaint is raised against you, you might also want to get information on the process from one of the people listed above. FedUni processes operate under the principles of natural justice - so you can expect to be treated fairly, impartially and have the opportunity to know and respond to the issues raised against you.

The range of possible outcomes of these processes is very wide - ranging from no action being taken, through to dismissal/exclusion.