FedUni's commitment


FedUni is proud to support the Australian Human Rights Commission's campaign Racism. It Stops With Me.

The University's values of:

  • Access: Creating equitable educational opportunities based on inclusiveness and diversity
  • Respect: Respect for each other, our students and for the communities we serve

are closely supportive of the aims of the campaign which are to:

  • Ensure more Australians recognise that racism is unacceptable in our community
  • Give more Australians, at an individual and organisational level, the tools and resources to take practical action against racism
  • Empower individuals and organisations to prevent and respond effectively to racism wherever it may happen

Our progress

FedUni has made solid progress in creating an inclusive organisation and in preventing racism. Our work in this area includes:

  • Policies and procedures which clearly state our commitment to freedom from discrimination and harassment, and to creating an environment which reflects and values the social and cultural diversity within the University community and the communities it serves
  • Social Inclusion Plan to assist FedUni fulfil its commitment to equity and social justice
  • Statement of Reconciliation and Reconciliation Action Plan which recognise the continued impact of racism on Indigenous Australians and commit the University to a process of reconciliation based on equality, respect and genuine opportunity
  • Online Equity Program for staff, and online information for students and staff, to raise awareness around discrimination and harassment
  • Standing against racism in sport. FedUni signs Australian Human Rights Commission joint statement on racism directed at Adam Goodes, along with 150 other organisations across Australia.