Berwick Campus - Staff information

This web page has been created to provide information to staff about the aquisition of the Berwick Campus of Monash University.

In 2017, FedUni will lease Building 903 from Monash to teach 15 programs from across the four Faculties. Both universities will occupy the Campus, and students of both institutions will attend. In 2018, FedUni will be the sole occupant and provider of tertiary education on the site.

The community response to FedUni in Berwick and surrounds has been strong and positive. Residents have welcomed our open-access policy and early indicators show a strong interest in the programs we will offer.

Project information

Why we are doing this

The Council and senior leadership have identified Berwick as a growing area for higher education and in particular for the programs we offer. This is a strategic initiative to strengthen our position and presence in the south-east, and to expand the reach of our student-centred higher education programs.

Berwick provides us with an opportunity to:

  • increase our student numbers
  • extend our footprint
  • strengthen our position in the south-east
  • offer access to students who might not otherwise have it
  • set up operations in a growth corridor, and
  • increase our revenue.

Offering programs at Berwick aligns with our 2020 vision and strategy:

"to be renowned for being accessible, inclusive, supportive and empathetic in its connection to its students, its staff, and the communities it serves."

Project management

Overseeing the project are a steering committee and working groups comprising senior representatives from critical areas of the University and members of the Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Team. Each working group has a different focus, and all consider staffing impacts:

  • Academic
  • Operations
  • Marketing and Engagement
  • Student Retention.

Difference between Berwick and 2014 merger between University of Ballarat and Monash University, Gippsland

In 2014 Federation University Australia was established. It was a new institution comprising the several campuses of the former University of Ballarat and the Gippsland campus of Monash University.

At Gippsland, various Monash staff were identified and their functions directly translated into the new FedUni operation, with some staff teaching joint cohorts of Monash and FedUni students. This ‘teach-out’ period was necessitated by Churchill’s remote location with respect to the other campuses of Monash.

The provision of higher education at Berwick will be a parallel operation in 2017, with both Monash and FedUni occupying the site, teaching discrete cohorts of students. Monash staff and students will be progressively relocated. In 2018, FedUni will fully occupy the site. All staff on the campus will be FedUni staff, and all students will be FedUni students.

Communication with broader FedUni community

FedNews items will be published following each meeting of the steering committee.

The senior team will conduct frequent staff briefings for broad updates on the project, the dates of which will be published on FedNews.

Line managers may hold sessions in various areas of the University to brief their staff personally.

For specific HR questions, see the following document:

Contact the project team via the online form

Stay updated

Frequent updates on Berwick will be in FedNews, complemented by face-to-face communication by the extended leadership team to their staffing groups.

If you have a question, you should ask your line manager in the first instance.

Staff can attend briefings by the senior team, which will be announced ahead of time in FedNews.

Staff can also get in touch with the Berwick project team directly using the online form.


Staff recruitment & induction

There will be no direct translation of Monash University staff to FedUni, as was the case in the 2014 merger with the Gippsland Campus.

Monash has expressed its intention to relocate its Berwick staff progressively to its Clayton and Peninsula campuses during 2017, and Monash staff currently working at Berwick will not necessarily be hired to work for FedUni.

Information about FedUni's academic induction program can be found here:

No staff have to move to Berwick

No employee currently working at any other campus will be required to relocate to Berwick. Expressions of interests have been issued to various work areas to determine interest for those who elect to relocate on an entirely voluntary basis.

No reduction in staffing at other campuses

Staff who relocate to Berwick will be replaced at their original campus.

Location of staff

We are still gathering exact details of the current floorplan and workspace arrangements of Building 903 and others. For information, please contact the project team via the online form.


For specific HR questions, see the following document:

Give comments and ask questions

This project will have the greatest success with input from our staff. If you have any suggestions, queries, or feedback, please contact the project team using the online form.

Get support

If you have a concern about Berwick, speak with your line manager, or the Berwick project team using the online form.

If you wish to speak with an independent party, FedUni’s confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available 24 hours a day. The number is 1300 OUR EAP (1300 687 327). More information is available on the EAP website.

Campus location and facilities

Teaching spaces

It is expected that the following teaching spaces will be available to FedUni:

  • Lecture theatre: G121
  • Tutorial rooms: 1139, 1140, 1141
  • Nursing laboratories: G92, G125
  • Science laboratory: G100
  • Computer laboratory: G96
  • Classroom: G101
  • Learning space: G87

Depending on student numbers, there is a possibility that we will be able to lease additional teaching spaces from Monash University, and this will be coordinated with them by our scheduling team if required.

Students will also be able to access other facilities such as the library and café.

Campus maps will soon be available.

Travelling to Berwick

For those travelling to Berwick from west of Melbourne, we encourage use of V/Line trains from Ballarat to Southern Cross, then Pakenham Metro trains out to the Berwick railway station.

For those travelling from the Gippsland Campus, Traralgon and Bairnsdale V/Line trains stop at the Pakenham station, from which a Metro train can be taken to Berwick.

The Campus is a short walk to the west.

Information on public transport can be found under Berwick > Getting there.

On-campus parking

For the month of January 2017, car parking is available for free in non-designated parking areas.

For those electing to travel by fleet car, no permit is required to park in signed permit areas at the Campus.

As part of the 2017 Campus lease arrangements, FedUni will be allocated specific car parking arrangements for staff and students for 2017. This information will be added to the website by the end of January when finalised.

IT arrangements and support

Federation Service Desk will be the first point of contact for Federation staff located at the Berwick Campus:

Phone: 5327 9999

Teaching spaces support

For all teaching space support Federation staff at the Berwick Campus must contact the Monash eSolutions Service Desk on: 9905 1777 (option 4) or follow the instructions in the room.

Desktop/laptops support

Federation staff will contact Federation University Service Desk on 5327 9999, a Service Desk officer will attempt to resolve the problem remotely. In case the problem cannot be fixed and the staff PC is not operable, Federation Service Desk will escalate the request with a workaround to the eSolutions Berwick team.


Federation University will provision printing services to both federation staff and students, any issues with Federation staff and students printing, requests should be submitted to the ITS Service Desk:

Other details, such as the integration between Monash and FedUni systems or the adoption of Monash systems by FedUni, are being progressed. They will be communicated systematically as they are defined.

For information, contact the project team using the online form.

Procurement and deliveries

  • Raise the requisition using your department code as you would normally.
  • Press “Preview and Save” – do not hit “Submit and Save”.
  • Send an email quoting the requisitihon number to Mandy Trigg,
  • Mandy will adjust the code to the Berwick project code and submit for approval.

Goods delivery

The following address should be used for deliveries to the Berwick campus; concatenate the several components as required by online address fields.

Berwick Campus
Federation University
Student HQ (Building 903, Level 1)
72–100 Clyde Road
Berwick, Victoria, 3806

The following map may be of use to delivery providers:

Large deliveries can be stored in the shipping containers to the west of Building 903. Advise Anton Wray ( in advance of the delivery.

Mail delivery

Use the following address.

Federation University
Berwick Campus
PO Box 859
Berwick, Victoria, 3806

Internal mail delivery

Internal mail from Mt Helen to the Berwick Campus will be sent via the Mt Helen Mailroom. Mail will be bundled together and sent by Express Post. Parcels from Mt Helen to Berwick will be sent either by Australia Post or Courier, depending upon cost and urgency of delivery. Please mark letters/parcels as “urgent” if you require them to be sent on the same day.

Meeting rooms

For 2016, room 901.325 is available to FedUni for meetings at Berwick.

In 2017, room 903.1133 will be available, and a deployment of video-conferencing equipment is planned. Both rooms are bookable using the web room booking system.

Room bookings page

Facilities procedures

Please see below Facilities' procedures as they apply to Berwick.

Programs and students

Programs offered in 2017

  • Bachelor of Community and Human Services
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management)
  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
  • Bachelor of Education (Birth–Year 6)
  • Bachelor of Education (Primary)
  • Bachelor of Education Studies
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Business Information Systems)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Mobile App Development)
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Nursing (Accelerated Program)
  • Bachelor of Environmental and Conservation Science
  • Bachelor of Veterinary and Wildlife Science

For further details visit Course Finder.

Expected student enrolments

We predict 200 commencing students in Semester 1, 2017. Contingencies are in place if this number is higher or lower; Student HQ is monitoring application numbers closely.

FedUni staff support for Monash University students

FedUni staff will only support and teach FedUni students, and Monash will support and teach only Monash students. Separate support operations will be established in Berwick for our students, and such staff will work in near-total isolation from the Monash equivalents, with only incidental collaboration, such as the referral of students seeking support from one institution to the other.

Monash will slowly relocate its staff and students to other campuses during 2017. Unlike the 2014 merger with Gippsland Campus, there will be no teach-out of Monash programs at Berwick. Churchill’s remote location with relation to other Monash campuses necessitated the teach-out following the merger; this is not the case in Berwick.