Initiative updates

Student and Retention Success Project - January, 2017

The Student Retention and Success initiative continues to focus on a wide range of initiatives to arrest student attrition and maximise student success.

Admissions, Retention and Success Team, focus on between year attrition. Our data indicates that the greatest level of student attrition happens between the years. Students generally cease study around November and then do not return to study for approximately three months. Admissions have been busily promoting re-enrolment to continuing students. Previous practice was to send returning students a ‘welcome back’ newsletter in early February. The new initiative now sees students contacted in January, encouraging them to utilise student services and support options available during the lecture break. A link is also provided for a continuing students’ website which provides vital support information on academic, social, and support services.

New FedStart survey received with great results.Another great initiative driven by Admissions, Retention and Success Team has focused on was the development and implementation of the FedStart survey which was sent to all commencing students. The aim of the survey was to inform students of the services available and to determine the level of information that each student wished to receive. The outcome being the ability to tailor telephone calls to new students with the information they wanted. Click here to see the FedStart survey.

The first survey was sent on Friday 16th December.  By the end of the day, Admissions had received 177 responses. As of Monday 9th January, there were 294 responses. Some quick stats:

  • Survey was sent to 895 students
  • 682 students opened the invitation
  • 32% of recipients/students have completed the survey
  • 57 follow-up calls have been completed, covering important information that the student wished to learn more about.

Anecdotally, the follow-up calls have been an overwhelming success. They are long calls, however the content that is being covered is really appreciated and students are very thankful for the information. These surveys will be sent weekly until the commencement of classes.

Draft Student Survey Policy and Procedure open for Uni-wide comment. The Survey Working Party have completed their work on the new Draft Student Survey Policy and Procedure which are open for comment. The objectives of this policy and procedure are to ensure that student surveys have a clearly defined purpose, are appropriately planned, designed and implemented and the acquired data achieves that purpose, thereby enabling:

  • coordination of the timing and quantity of student surveys, thus managing the student survey load;
  • avoidance of excessive student surveying through the provision of shared data and survey analysis;
  • quality assurance on the questioning, sampling, delivery, data collection, privacy and storage of surveys;
  • identification of surveys where Human Research Ethics approval is required.

This working party was an initiative of the Student Retention and Success initiative, under Priority One of the SRS Strategic Plan, to ensure the use of reliable and valid attrition, retention and success data. Further information can be sourced from initiative Data Analyst, Grant Henderson.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of the Associate Deans (RSR), or Initiative Coordinator, Kim Ferguson, if you have any suggestions or feedback on the Initiative or how we might better facilitate student retention and success.