Initiative updates

Student and Retention Success Project - November, 2017

FedUni domestic adjusted attrition drops the first time in six years. According to the Department of Education and Training’s recent release of attrition rates, FedUni has reduced its domestic adjusted attrition rate in 2015 by 1.5% to 21.3%. The reduction in FedUni’s attrition rates coincides with the introduction of the Student Retention and Success Initiative. FedUni’s improved domestic adjusted attrition rate in 2015 places it as having the lowest domestic student attrition in the RUN consortium, and represents the first drop in adjusted domestic student attrition for FedUni in 6 years.

2016 interim attrition rates available. A new version of the Yearly Attrition Dashboard is now available via the SRS website, providing up-to-date Higher Ed attrition analytics including 2016 interim attrition rates. The dashboard requires the latest version of Tableau Reader (v 10.4), which is available via our Software Centre.

There are some new analytics provided in this version:

  • An updated Program Hotspot enables quick identification of 2016 program attrition trends
  • Citizenship is now provided as a filter to isolate international from domestic students
  • The Yearly Attrition page can now be filtered by program, providing attrition history back to 2012.

Link to the SR&S webpage containing the dashboard: Data for Intervention

FITS wins awards. The Churchill-based student-led FedUni IT Society (FITS) won the “Most Promising New Club/Society/Team” Student Engagement Award. FITS is for students who are enrolled in IT programs, including the Bachelor of IT, which has been identified as one of our top 10 hotspot programs. The Faculty of Science and Technology is currently conducting a review of clubs and societies with the aims of nurturing more student-lead events and activities to foster more community within the University.

Focus turns to 2018 students. The Admissions, Retention & Success team in HQ have begun following up with students regarding their studies for Semester 1 2018. These communications have included:

  • SMS messages sent to commencing and continuing students, to let them know that enrolments were opening, and contained a link to the Enrolment webpage.
  • Contacting continuing students if they have not yet enrolled for next semester with a large focus on enrolling early.
  • Commencing students are receiving follow up contact via email and phone asking if they need any assistance at each stage of the enrolment process.
  • Students due to return from leave received an email letting them know they are now able to enrol, and contained information about available Support Services.
  • Students Returning from deferral in Semester 1 have been contacted by email and phone, letting them know that now is the time to accept their offer and enrol in classes.

FedStart Survey being improved. The FedStart Survey Working Party has met to discuss and reflect on the Semester 2, 2017 survey results and are currently working on making improvements around the range of questions asked. For any questions or suggestions on the survey content, please contact Jess Mitchem.

Faculty of Health centre on student experience. Orientation for 2018 is focusing on creating a greater sense of belonging for all students. The faculty of Health will be working on improving mechanisms for communication for all students with an increased focus on student voice. This will be facilitated with the development of student focus groups and consultation with students to source feedback and a greater understanding of the student experience. For more information, contact Associate Dean SRS Andrew Smith.

Federation Business School investigating exit points in its programs.  FBS is looking to develop multiple exit points within its undergraduate programs to allow students to achieve sub bachelor qualifications in the event they leave study prior to meeting the requirements of a bachelor program. This will reduce attrition, increase completions and allow a student to obtain a qualification with an option to return to study to complete the bachelor’s program in the future.

Student Success Plans helping students succeed. The School of Education and Arts are busy with success plans and monitoring students currently on suspension. Ensuring students are engaging with Program Coordinators and assisting with their enrolment for Semester 1 2018 supports their future success. For information on Student Success Plans, please contact your faculty Associate Dean SRS.

Trade apprentices receive placement support. FedUni TAFE the Skills and Jobs Centre staff continue to assist out of trade apprentices placing them into jobs so they can continue their trade training. The Centre is also actively involved in the recruitment of trainees for Nazareth House which is aimed to develop candidate’s appeal and improve trainee retention in the program.

Preparing for Partner Forum. The theme for this year’s Partner Forum (11 – 12 December 2017) is Enhancing Success. The Academic Board’s decision to implement supplementary exams at partner locations will be high on the agenda in the December forum with questions sought and concerns discussed. The SRS Data Analyst has provided individual attrition data for partners which will provide a clearer focus for discussions on reducing attrition figures. Find more information on the forum here, or please contact Jessie Harman, PVC (International and Partnerships).

Reminder to submit resource requirements. Faculty staff are reminded to submit their Learning and Teaching Resource Requirements as soon as possible to ensure the timely procurement of textbooks and resources for Semester 1, 2018. The link can be accessed via the Staff Resources section on the Federation University website, or here.

Thank you to those staff and students who continue to contribute to the success and positive experiences of our students.

Initiative Coordinator - Student Retention & Success, Kim Ferguson, email: