Examples of effective practice

Highlighting 'student-centred' practice in student retention and success

Effective practice in student retention and success does not just originate from excellent teaching practice and excellent customer service. It also stems from functions and structures within the university that recognises the student as the centre of focus. Therefore effective practice in student retention and success should be seen as the responsibility of the entire university.

Examples of student-focused practice can take the form of interventions, structures, and functions that:

  • Are inclusive, and create a sense of belonging for students,
  • Respects and supports students as individuals,
  • Uses clear and plain language,
  • Offers students flexibility, variety and choice,
  • Scaffolds student's learning, and
  • Reduces or addresses the financial challenges for students.

(Source: Devlin, Kift, Nelson, Smith, Mckay, 2012 http://www.lowses.edu.au/)

Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Contributions to Student Learning

The Vice Chancellor currently recognises awards for teaching and outstanding contributions to student learning, and Awards for Excellence. The awards which are open to all staff and institutional associates are the Vice-Chancellor's Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning (valued at $1,000) and the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence (valued at $5,000). While all current VC awards are self- or peer-nominated and endorsed by Executive Deans/Directors, the Student Retention and Success Strategic Plan sets out a priority to develop and implement a promotion stream for excellence in learning enhancement and student retention. This includes the development of a student-nominated teaching award. Progress updates on these awards will be promoted through this site.

Do you have an example of good practice from your faculty? Download this template and submit your example to Kim Ferguson, Student Retention and Success Initiative Coordinator.