What is effective teaching?

Traditionally, teachers were the 'holders of information' and their role was to impart this knowledge and skill to students. The internet has changed all that as information can now be obtained anywhere, any time on anything. Thus the role of teachers has changed to developing the skills and tools to assist students in critically analysing the plethora of information available.

Effective teaching is more than just the successful transference of knowledge and skill or application around a particular topic. Effective teaching ensures that this surface approach to learning is replaced by deeper, student driven approaches to learning that analyse, develop, create and demonstrate understanding. Students need to initiate learning and maintain engagement during learning in their development as independent lifelong learners.

Video resources

The three clips below explore popular concepts related to future approaches to learning and teaching.

Further information

Being passionate about your chosen field does not automatically make you an effective teacher. Through exploring the links below, you can begin to understand how it is not enough to just stand up the front of a class and talk (or post an article online and say 'read').

As an educator you need to acknowledge the changing focus and role of the teacher within education, recognise the role students play in achieving their own learning needs in styles and modes that best suit them and understand the relationship each has on achieving intended learning outcomes – individually and professionally.

Consider the following concepts on what makes good effective teaching practices: