Teaching in the tertiary setting

Tertiary study is any study at a level above secondary (or high school equivalent) study. This may range from simple courses that run for a few weeks to highly specialised course that last several years. Examples include certificates, diploma, associate degree, degree, graduate diploma, masters or PhD.

The courses provided by a higher education or VET institution are regulated by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) in order to establish quality within Australian qualifications. Visit the AQF website for more details on the role these standards play in benefiting students, employers, education and training providers and accrediting authorities. 

Changing paradigms of education

The role and delivery of education, in particular VET and higher education, has in some areas undergone considerable changes, whilst in other areas, no change at all. As our society has evolved, so to have we seen a change in the way we learn, the technologies we use, and what we expect or get in terms of outcomes.

The video clips below that take a look at today's students, and an entertaining look at the changing paradigms of education, and consider how this impacts on your current and future teaching practices.

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Changing paradigms of teaching

Teachers often teach in the manner that they were taught. Whilst some practices may still be relevant and effective, many are not.  As our education system evolves, and our student expectations change, so to do teachers need to embrace innovative teaching practices to inspire life-long learning.

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Whilst many teaching principles are the same across the life-span, there are specific skills and tools relevant to effective child, adolescent and adult learning. In order to ensure effective teaching practices within the tertiary setting, check out the following:

Professional study opportunities

For those staff wishing to extend their knowledge, understanding and application of learning and teaching practices, the University offers a number of postgraduate courses and professional learning opportunities.

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