Learning styles

Three female students studyingWe don't all absorb and process information in the same way. Just as a teacher's teaching can be influenced by their personality and preferred teaching style, so too does a student's learning depend upon their personality and preferred learning style. Some students prefer to listen, whilst some prefer to read or watch, and others will prefer to just get in and have a go.

Understanding the different learning styles your students may exhibit, and the role 'multiple intelligence' has on the processing and understanding of information, plays a significant role in achieving effective learning. Teaching practices need to consider the varying types of learning styles of their students and ensure that knowledge and skills are delivered in a number of formats to ensure that all learning styles are covered. Students need to be provided with an opportunity to take part in a learning environment that suits them.

Video resources

View the clips below that explore different learning styles and intelligences.
Consider your teaching practices and where your activities accommodate for some or all of these styles.