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The graduate diploma and occupational hazard management is Australia's oldest and many say most respected tertiary qualification and occupational safety and health.

Hello my names Steve young and I'm the program co-ordinator for the graduate diploma.

Victorian Institute of Occupational Safety and Health or VIOSH to its friends and graduates has been in operation for almost 35 years and is now an important part of the school of health sciences and phycology at Federation University Australia.

The graduate diploma and occupational hazard management. Is a two year part time course offered in block mode. And I'd like to just explain to you quickly how that block mode works. Most of our students are experienced professional working in occupational safety and health and they haven't got time to take several years off to get a tertiary education. So we offer this block mode and what that means is we do you come onto campus here at MT Helen in Ballarat Federation University and you do three weeks in January and three weeks in July over two years. Now those blocks of three weeks are very intensive teaching periods where we work from eight in the morning till four in the afternoon. It's a very collegial environment there's a lot of group work which means you'll probably work after four o clock. But it's also a lot of fun it is intensive its hard work but it is a lot of fun. Then you go back to your workplace and home and do assignments that we've set. Now you will use federation universities library research facilities online which are excellent. Of course you will get a lot of guidance from me and the sessional lecturers and in each particular individual course. Once you have past that particular block you will move on till to the next and so on till you've done the two years.

I just want to run through quickly the eight courses that make up the graduate diploma. We do have a midyear intake but most people start in the January block. In the January block we start with mitigation of OHS hazards which is the essence of health and safety. Identifying analysing and offering control points for hazards which is the essence of health and safety and then OHS law and that is over the first three weeks in January. July you will come back and do OHS systems and culture and OHS risk management. Now that's the first year completed if you wish you can finish there at that point and graduate assuming you pass graduate with the graduate certificate of occupational hazard management but most people do the full two years and do the graduate diploma so you come back in the second year and in the January block of the second year you do improving OHS performance which after is what we're all trying to do here and measuring OSH performance. And then in the July block you do auditing OHS risk management and OHS research and professional practice.

Now when you've completed the graduate diploma and some people do it over more time than that maybe three even four years if it suits you, but when you've completed the graduate you will be in possession of being one of Australia's best qualified occupational safety and health professionals. Now I don't want you to be intimidated by the course it is hard work but most of our students have never been to university before even though this is a graduate level course. You get a considerable amount of acknowledgment of the experience that you have had. And when you finish the diploma you will have the ability to write a report to your stakeholders whether that's your board, your manager, your union whoever it might be and that report and we will help you with the skills to write an excellent report that report will be of enormous use to your stakeholders and make you a highly value health and safety professional.

So what Id like you to do is give me a call or email me and I'd like to talk about your story I'm sure you have a lot to contribute and I'm sure we can help you a great deal. So give me a call or email if I can't take your call immediately I'll get back to you within a day or two and I'd love to hear your story I'd love to hear from you. So thanks very much for watching this video I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully seeing you in one of our classes soon thank you.

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