Transcript - Animation

Welcome to Literacy pty ltd where communication is our business during the presentation please keep your hands to yourself and save any questions until the end. Here at Literacy pty ltd we have an enormous array of functional literacy products to suit your everyday needs from statistical and orderly accounting to traffic lights, stop signs and bio hazard warnings.

We are your one stop literacy shop, no communication can take place without our specific framework best exemplified in our new range of lady literacy accessories letters, alphabets, words, sentences as we can see the purpose of these accessories is to keep covered warm and maintain correct posture for maximum efficiency. This is why we just developed the ultimate in functional literacy the jumpsuit. I look horrible and this corset is killing me, but your back is perfectly straight an your warm aren't you, yeah but it sucks, can you do your job, what exactly do I have to do. Stand here okay red means stop, you are red thus when cars come here they stop.

Later you can out on the green jumpsuit and green means go, so the cars will go, oh that is so stupid, red means passion and anger and blood and sunset and tomatoes as well. That's not important, these are the rules, well you can keep them I'm going shopping for some new clothes and new rules.

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