Video production examples

High-quality video production is filmed in the Mt Helen media studio by our video producer and edited with professional editing software. Most video styles below can also be filmed at the Gippsland Campus. 

If you have a project idea and you would like to work with CLIPP, please complete a video request services form

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Assessment introductions

It is good practice to provide a video explaining the requirements of an assessment task if that task is complex or unusual.

View video sample of assessment introduction (4:04 mins)

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Talking head

A short, sharp talking head video can be useful to quickly introduce a new concept or topic, as well as be used as an interview style video of a guest speaker or topic expert. This style of video is not recommended for lengthy lecture-style videos.

View video sample of 'talking head' video (2:12 mins)

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Motion graphics

This style of animated video uses mostly words and static images to create an engaging learning object. Prezi is a great example of this.

View video sample of motion graphic video (8:50 mins)

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Light board (Glass whiteboard)

A unique production style best suited for visual representations, scientific equations or even simple hand drawn diagrams.

View video sample of light board video (4:16 mins)

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Short exemplar films

If you have a creative idea that might best suit a short film format (eg comedy, drama, documentary) we can work together to plan, shoot and produce an engaging short film for your learners.

View video sample of short exemplar film (3:34 mins)

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Green screen

If your course has a 'difficult to grasp' concept, a green screen video can be creatively used to foster/reinforce student understanding.

View video sample of green screen video (2:48 mins)

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