Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning

Program awards recognise learning and teaching support programs and services that make an outstanding contribution to the quality of student learning and the student experience. Programs must demonstrate effectiveness through 'rigorous evaluation' and 'will set benchmarks for similar activities in other institutions'.


Nomination is open to all programs and services that enhance student learning. The intention is that these are broad in impact beyond one or two subjects or a service that involves only a few students; for example, by involving a program or service at the institutional, faculty or school level, across year levels or targeting particular groups of students. Each eligible institution may submit up to eight Program Award nominations with a maximum of two nominations in any category.

Application requirements

Applications may be made across six categories:

  1. widening participation (encompassing approaches to teaching and learning which enhance student access, widen participation and support progression);
  2. educational partnerships and collaborations with other organisations;
  3. innovation and flexibility in curricula, learning and teaching;
  4. postgraduate education;
  5. student experiences and services supporting learning development and growth in higher education;
  6. Global citizenship and internationalisation
Applications must address four selection criteria in a ten-page statement accompanied by Supporting Teaching Materials in any two (maximum) of the following formats: up to ten printed pages of teaching materials in PDF format, a 3 minute video or a website (URL); along with 2 references and for team nominations the references should apply to the team. Nominees must also supply a high quality photo to OLT specifications set out in the Award guidelines.

Timeline and application forms

  • Nomination Instructions: 2016 Australian Awards for University Teaching Programs Information and Nomination Instructions (PDF, 331kb) | (DOC, 200kb)
  • Nomination Form: 2016 Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning Nomination Form (DOC, 130kb)
  • Nomination Timeline: 2016 Programs that Enhance Learning Awards Timeline (PDF, 261kb)

The selection criteria are:

  1. Distinctiveness, coherence and clarity of purpose
  2. Influence on student learning and student engagement;
  3. Breadth of impact;
  4. Addressing equity and diversity.

Nominations are assessed against the four selection criteria, taking into account:

  • evidence of the effectiveness of the program in formal and informal evaluation;
  • the degree of creativity, imagination or innovation;
  • evidence of the sustained effectiveness of the program for no less than 3 years.

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