Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

Up to 150 awards of $10,000 each (includes Early Career Category)

The University may nominate up to 6 individuals or teams of academic and professional staff who make an outstanding contribution to student learning. Nominations will close by the 5 May at 5pm.


  • Teams may be of any size.
  • Nominee(s) may be included in only one nomination in any year, with the exception being that the nominee forms part of a team nomination but is not the lead nominee.
  • Winners of a Teaching or Program Award are not eligible to nominate for a Citation (including Carrick and ALTC Awards).
  • Previously unsuccessful nominees may re-apply.
  • Recipients of Citations are not eligible to re-apply within five years of receiving a Citation.

Application requirements

Nominations must demonstrate influence on student learning, engagement or experience; recognition; and a sustained contribution; and must address one of four selection criteria in a four-page statement accompanied by a brief synopsis and two references. Team nominations must include an additional 'statement of contribution' page. Nominees must also supply a high quality photo. (If you need assistance with a high quality photo, please contact CLIPP)

Selection criteria

Criterion staff can choose to address:

  1. Approaches to teaching and the support of learning that influence, motivate and inspire students to learn.  
  2. Development of curricula, resources or services that reflect a command of the field.
  3. Evaluation practices that bring about improvements in teaching and learning.  
  4. Innovation, leadership or scholarship that has influenced and enhanced learning and teaching and/or the student experience.

Please view the 2016 Award Instructions (PDF, 310kb) (Pg 5) for more information on this selection criteria. 

Nominations will be assessed using these criteria 

The nomination will be judged against one chosen criterion on the extent to which it shows evidence of evaluation, innovation, leadership and scholarship in the written statement that the nominee's contribution has:

  • influenced student learning, student engagement or the overall student experience
  • gained recognition from fellow staff, the institution, and/or the broader community
  • been sustained for a period of no less than three years (two years for early career).

Timeline and application forms for 2016 OLT Citation Nomination 

For more information and questions on citations, please contact: