PD session types

CLIPP professional development 

CLIPP is delivering a range of professional development options available for staff across campuses for the remainder of the semester. Our sessions are grouped under the following headings:

Discuss: Let's talk about…(lunchtime discussion series)

The 'Let's talk about' lunchtime discussion sessions. These sessions will cover a range of exciting and relevant topics related to blended and online teaching practice. The format of these 1 hour sessions will be presentations, demonstrations & discussion. So lock in the time, bring your lunch and let's talk about...

Try: Let's try it... (hands-on learning technology lab sessions)

These hands-on lab sessions are the perfect opportunity for you to learn new skills and gain experience in using some of our learning technology tools within a safe practice space. These are either structured around specific relevant topics, or run as open 'drop-in' sessions where you can come to ask questions and seek help related to your course.

Apply: Let's make it happen... (course re-design for online intensives)

Are you thinking about delivering online? Would you like some help to review and redesign your learning delivery? CLIPP is offering 'course re-design for online delivery' intensive workshop sessions available to program/course teaching staff involved in delivering online. These sessions will be run over 2-3 days spread over several weeks (or during semester breaks) and will be customised to guide program teams from the initial planning and designing phase through to the development of their online courses. Working on your own individual programs and courses, you will achieve tangible outcomes in terms of course design, as well as an added sense of empowerment to deliver online.

If you need to 'get online', fast track your learning curve and get the most out of your efforts by participating in this professional development opportunity. Let's get together and make it happen!

Apply: Let's interact…. (learning and teaching workshops)

Run by our experts in learning and teaching, this series of 2-3 hour workshops cover a range of topics related to reflecting upon and improving your teaching practice.