Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) Awards

Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) Awards

CLIPP provides institutional leadership for the national recognition and reward of teaching excellence through awards offered by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

The AAUT Awards for University Teaching are offered in three categories:

  • Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning;
  • Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning;
  • Awards for Teaching Excellence;

Nominees for AAUT Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning and the AAUT Teaching Excellence Awards are selected by a panel of senior teaching and learning staff from a pool that includes nominations from Associate Deans (Learning and Teaching), Directors of Divisions and other senior staff across the university. The nominee pool normally comprises of academic, teaching and professional staff who have demonstrated sustained excellence over a period of time. Nominee's who have also generally received other forms of institutional recognition for their teaching and/or contribution to student learning. AAUT applications are only open to staff employed in a higher education context.

Institutional nominees receive significant support and assistance from CLIPP to develop their applications. Each nominee has a dedicated mentor to provide guidance about the structure of the application and the types and form of evidence that can be used to support claims. A supportive, peer review process is also available to nominees by Ballarat and/or Gippsland staff, with former national award or citation winners or those deemed to have extensive experience with these types of awards.

CLIPP adopts a proactive approach to the identification of future national award and citation candidates and conducts preliminary discussions to ensure that appropriate evidence and evaluation processes are in place to ensure that future applications are of the highest standard.

For further details regarding AAUT Instructions regarding the 3 previously mentioned awards, please refer to the following step-by-step process:

  1. Read the information available from the 2017 AAUT website and refer to the appropriate section within the 2017 Program Information and Nomination Instructions.
  2. Seek advice from CLIPP staff and/faculty mentor such as ADLT
  3. Complete the relevant AAUT Nomination Form and forward directly to CLIPP. (Please note: signatures are not required for sections J and K on the nomination form; approval from the Vice-Chancellor and the Intuitional Contact Officer will be sort in the final stages of this process from the CLIPP office.)
  1. 2017 Citation Nomination Form
  2. 2017 Program Award Nomination Form
  3. 2017 Teaching Award Nomination Form
  1. Comply with the CLIPP Calendar Schedule regarding timelines for institutional submission prior to submission to the AAUT.

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