Plans, strategies and standards

Learning, Teaching & Student Success Plan 2018 - 2020

The Learning and Teaching Committee and Student Retention and Success Group are pleased to share with you the draft Learning, Teaching and Student Success Plan 2018 - 2020.  This plan sets out FedUni's strategy for learning and teaching and student retention and success for the next three years and has been developed through consultation with staff, students and key stakeholders.  The plan lays out FedUni's objectives for enhancing teaching quality; enhancing student success and the student experience; enhancing curriculum and the learning environment; and enhancing employment readiness.

CLIPP service charter

The Centre for Learning Innovation Professional Practice (CLIPP) is committed to meeting the learning and teaching needs of its key stakeholders. This is primarily associated with both higher education and VET staff involved with learning and teaching, students and others as deemed appropriate across the institution. The CLIPP Service Charter (2015) is an overarching 4-page document which summaries the main functions of the centre.

CLIPP operational plan

This plan is a document which describes in more detail the objective, functions and status of projects performed within CLIPP. This plan clearly identifies roles, responsibilities, functions, expectations and ensures alignment with the institutional Learning and Teaching Plan (2015-2017) enabling BOLD Learning.

Blended On-Line and Digital (BOLD) Standards

Blended On-Line and Digital (BOLD) standards are support documents which are useful starting points for academics engaging with BOLD learning and teaching practice. If you would like to more information regarding BOLD learning and teaching theory and/or practices, please contact John Supple.

Internationalisation strategy and policy

This policy aims to establish a framework for the development and integration of internationalisation in the University's strategy, organisation, diversity, culture and governance.