Video services available

The Centre for Learning Innovation and Professional Practice (CLIPP) can assist academics and professional staff in a range of educational video production services. This service is free for all FedUni staff provided the material is for educational use and aligns with the Learning and Teaching Plan (2015 – 2017) (PDF, 190kb).

Services include

  • Program, course and assessment introduction videos
  • Course material video
  • Animation - 2D and 3D diagrams, motion graphics and visualisations
  • Short exemplar films
  • Green screen filming
  • DVD authoring and delivery

Educational vs marketing material

Our staff primarily focus on educational material to support student learning and engagement. If you require marketing material such as course guides, invitations, promotional video, program guides etc, please contact the Marketing and Communications team or your dedicated faculty marketing staff member.

If you are unsure if the material is educational or marketing, please feel free to contact CLIPP and have a chat.

Mt Helen and Gippsland media studio

We can provide some video services (program/course/assessment introductions, demonstrations, talking head, vox pop, etc) at the Gippsland Campus, however as we do not have a media studio at this campus, some video styles such as green screen, light board and animation videos will need to be organised and produced at Mt Helen. Please contact CLIPP for more information.

Filming lectures

CLIPP doesn't have the resources to offer this service. We can, however, assist you with recommending equipment, what software to use, as well as how to deliver it to the web for use in your courseware.

More information about filming video and camera formats.

Copying DVD or video tapes

If you wish to transfer data from a DVD or video tape to the web, you must be the creator of the material, or have written consent to format shift and rebroadcast the material on the internet. For more information on this service, please contact CLIPP and see the copyright website for more information.