Video production times

To support faculties and schools in developing high-quality video production, all filming, post-production, production and revisions are completed by CLIPP multimedia staff. All videos produced will comply with the brand guidelines where appropriate.

When planning your design jobs, please allow sufficient time for discussions, development and revisions. Due to current workloads and projects, we request you allow at approximately 4 - 6 weeks notice before your project is due for delivery. If you have an urgent request please feel free to request a job, and we can determine our availability.

This table is a quick guide to help you estimate your pre-production planning and provide a time estimate for the production phase of video projects. These times are intended to be used as a guide only and estimates may vary depending on the project requirements and scope.

Video style
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Pre-production preparation Filming
(on set)
(per video)

Program/course introductions

Assessment introductions

1.5 hours (script) 1 hour* 1 hour* 1 hour based on 2 - 3 changes

Course material video/ Talking head

1.5 hours (script or PowerPoint slides) 1 - 2 hours* 3 - 4 hours* 1 hour based on 2 - 3 changes

Motion graphics

4 hours (script, storyboard, etc) N/a 2 weeks* 3 - 5 hours based on
2 - 3 changes

Light board
(Glass whiteboard)

1.5 hours (script and/or storyboard) 1 - 2 hours* 4 hours 1 hour bases on 2 - 3 changes


4 hours (script, storyboard, etc) N/a 1 week* 5 hours based on 2 - 3 changes

Short film (1 film x 5 minutes running time) 

12 weeks (script, storyboard, location scouting, actors, etc) 1 - 2 days per short film* 3 weeks* 3 - 5 hours based on
2 - 3 changes

Green screen

1.5 hours (script, storyboard, props) 3 hours* 10 hours 3 - 5 hours based on
2 - 3 changes

(*) Time may vary. These times may be less depending on content, video length and quality of delivery while filming. Please allow 30 minutes per upload for delivery to online media systems (YouTube, Tube etc.).