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Hi my names Ryan and in this video I'm going to be talking to you about the Oxford comma now the Oxford comma is a little variation on the comma and its actually my favourite thing about punctuation, which I know sounds ridiculous but I enjoy it.

The Oxford comma is one of the most debated marks in grammatical history or at least currently, and that's because nobody can agree on whether or not to use it. Now just quickly the Oxford comma is when you use a comma in lists but you place a comma before a and, so for instance we might say I need my pyjamas, a toothbrush and a sleeping bag to go camping.

Now were definitely gonna put a comma after my pyjamas before a toothbrush because we need to mark them off as separate items. But you can see now we have and a sleeping bag and this is where it gets difficult some people will say that you need a comma before the and, and other people will say you that you don't. Technically because no one at the moment because nobody agrees both is correct but in Australian English we tend to air away from the Oxford comma this means that if you have a and in your list that you have to keep the comma out.

Now the issue around not using an Oxford comma and this what a lot of pro Oxford comma supporters will say is that it can make your sentence unclear. So for instance if I said something like I went to a party and I saw two seals Tony Abbot and Bill Shortan, without the Oxford comma it looks like Bill Shortan and Tony Abbot where the two seals or the names of the two seals, but if we put the comma before the and you can see we have clearly demarcated the three so we have the two seals, Tony Abbot and Bill Shortan.

That's all for the Oxford comma I'm not gonna tell you whether or not to use it but if you want to adhere to Australian style you should put a comma before the and even though I like it. That's all if you want to check out our punctuation videos for other punctuation you can check it out on this website.

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