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What does it mean to plagiarise something, is it just about taking the ideas of someone else and passing them off as your own work. Actually there are various forms that plagiarism can take and here are some of them using cake making as the analogy.

Verbatim copying is when you directly copy and paste information and claim is your idea. Sham paraphrasing is when you copy and paste information but try and pretend you paraphrased it. Self-plagiarism is when you recycle work you've written for another assignment without permission from the lecturer. Illicit paraphrasing is when you reinterpret information from another source and use it without any acknowledgement.

Being part of a group project but not contributing anything while claiming marks for it at the end is also a form of plagiarism. So what will happen if you try to pass off someone else's work or ideas as your own. Well there are three possibilities, one you fail the assignment, two you fail the course or in extreme cases three you could be asked to leave the university.

So how should you avoid plagiarism in the first place, one as you find information relevant to your assignment keep careful records of where you found the information. Two learn how to quote, paraphrase and summarise ideas correctly. So what resources can you use that will help you avoid plagiarism, the general guide to referencing and the general guide to writing and study skills, good luck and happy baking.

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