Transcript - Assessment introduction

Hello my name is Amy Barnhouse I am the course co-ordinator for fundamentals of law also known as BULAW1502 we are doing a series of videos to assist students in understanding this course.

Today's video covers an overview of the entire course. Fundamentals of law is a required course for those who are enrolled in one of the business program. The topics covered in fundamentals of law are Australia legal system, contracts, torts and business organisations. It provides an overview of law here in Australia. Some of you who are domestic students may have taken law courses in high school, some of you may not. Others of you may be international students who are completely unfamiliar with the Australia legal system.

Fundaments of Law is aimed at providing you with a foundation for other law courses you may take in your business school program. The way in which this course is arranged is Australian legal system is our first topic we will spend a couple weeks on the Australia legal system and at the end of week five you will be tested on what you've learnt in the Australian legal system section, the test will only cover Australian legal system. After we are finished with Australia legal system we will move on to the next topic which is contracts and the contract section is a five week program in this course and you will be doing an assessment on contracts which will be a 1500 word assignment. That assignment is worth 30 percent of your overall mark for the course. Your midterm test that covers Australian legal system is 20 percent of your overall mark and then after we finish contracts we move onto torts focusing primarily on the tort of negligence and after negligence we spend the last couple weeks on business structures and organisations.

At the end of the twelve week program you will have a final exam which is worth 50 percent of your assessment or 58 percent of your mark for your assessment. And the final exam covers all four topics Australia legal system, contracts, torts and business structures. You will have two parts to your final exam the first part has six short essay questions, of those six questions you must answer only four pick the four you feel best able to answer, in part b of your final examination there will be long essay questions including at least two case scenarios there will be a question on negligence that has a case scenario there will be a question on contracts that has a case scenario and then the final two questions will include one on business structure and organisation and the final question will either be a contracts long essay question or a negligence long essay question. To assist students in this course we have setup in the Moodle shell a number of different websites, documents, diagrams and flow charts under each of the different topics.

I highly recommend that students of fundamentals of law spend a good amount of time reviewing the information in the Moodle shell provided for this class especially a document entitled frequently asked questions that particular document provides an excellent overview of this particular course. I look forward to teaching those of you in person at MT Helen and for those of you at are partner providers welcome to fundamentals of law and I hope the series of videos helps you in understanding this course a little bit better.

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