Video production and delivery

Working in collaboration with CLIPP, you will be provided specialist support throughout the entire production process. Scoping and planning the project is a joint venture, and CLIPP staff will take care of the shoot for you using a professional studio and equipment. CLIPP staff will also provide you with their technical and editorial expertise throughout the editing process.

Filming in the Mt Helen media studio

The Mt Helen media studio is on the basement floor of the Library building (L Building). Head around the loans desk and down the stairs, the studio is well marked and to the left of the steps. You will need a CLIPP staff member to obtain access to this room.

What should I wear?

The Mt Helen media studio has a number of backdrop options, so it is best to avoid wearing white if we're shooting on white, or black if using the black curtains. Also if we're shooting green screen material, please do not wear green or blue.

Video time frames and revisions

Due to current workloads and projects, we request you allow at approximately 4 - 6 weeks notice before your project is due for delivery. If you have an urgent request please feel free to request a job, and we can determine our availability.

Video (particularly animation) can be extremely time-consuming, therefore post production changes can take almost as much time as producing the original version. For this reason we'll work with you early on to ensure your pre-production scripts, plans and ideas are well developed before we head into the shoot. This ensures a smoother, less time-consuming process for everyone involved, and a higher quality end product.