Embedding academic literacy into your courses

The academic literacy topics selected by academic staff usually relate to the skills they wish their students to demonstrate either implicitly or explicitly in their courses. These topics include:

  • time management
  • topic analysis
  • critical thinking
  • reading skills
  • reflective writing
  • paraphrasing and summarising
  • writing paragraphs
  • annotated bibliographies
  • literature reviews
  • essay and report writing
  • lab reports
  • sentence construction
  • developing academic writing style
  • referencing
  • group work
  • editing and proofreading

In 2016, LSAs delivered 82 face-to-face workshops into 18 courses across five locations (three campuses and two off-site) and embedded self-access resources into the Moodle shells of 12 courses. Some of those courses and the topics delivered are represented in the table below:

FacultyCourses Workshop/Presentation topics
Education and Arts Education (Birth – Year 6)  Time management; Topic analysis; Paraphrasing; Essay structure; Writing paragraphs; Oral presentations; Reflective writing; Referencing (APA)
Music Theatre Essay structure; Annotated bibliography; Referencing (Chicago)
BA @ (Community Education) Introduction to university study; Topic analysis; Referencing (MLA)
Community & Human Services Reflective writing; Paraphrasing; Essay writing; Introduction to Mahara
Master Social Work (Qualifying) Study skills: Literature reviews
Communication Design Incorporating evidence; Paraphrasing, Referencing (Chicago)
Education (Primary & Secondary) Topic analysis; Essay structure; Incorporating evidence; Writing paragraphs; Referencing (APA)
Health Nursing Topic analysis; Annotated bibliography; Reflective writing; Oral presentations; Group work; Referencing (APA)
Grad Dip Midwifery Critical thinking; Writing a critical review
Business Commerce Paraphrasing
Business 1st year Referencing (APA)
Science and Technology Biomedical Science Introduction to Mahara
Science 1st year Oral presentations
Veterinary & Wildlife Science 1st year Study skills
FedCollege FAST Essay & report writing

If you would like to discuss how you can best support your students by incorporating academic skills into your courses, send us an email and a LSA will contact you.