Group work assessment

Group work is a method of instruction that gets students to work together. There are various benefits and challenges that come with preparing, developing and facilitating group work with teaching and learning practices.

As an assessment task, groups often develop or create a product or piece of work to demonstrate learning and understanding of a particular concept. The assessment may be on the final product or understanding, or on the process of developing that product or understanding. Whilst the benefits of group work are well documented, the challenges of allocating marks and feedback to individuals within that group can be a challenge.

Examples of contribution

When assessing group work whilst marking the work of the group as a whole it can also be important to recognise the contribution of individual students. For examples of how to do this, see the Marking Group Work section in this document developed by Curtin University (PDF, 719kb)

Group work and internationalisation of the curriculum

One element of group work that requires explicit opportunities for practice is the ability to interact successfully with people from a range of backgrounds and experiences. The resources available on the Internationalisation of the curriculum website can assist with ensuring that your students have opportunities to develop skills in intercultural competence and assist teaching staff with developing the relevant assessment criteria.

University policy and resources

View more information about Assessment Policies and Procedures.

Where can I get support?

Each faculty has their own embedded course design contacts and/or Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching who can provide advice and assistance in determining the right assessment types for your course. Alternatively, CLIPP staff can provide help.

Additional information

The higher education institutions listed (but are not limited to) provide comprehensive information on how best to utilise group work and group work assessments.