Course packs (CD and hardcopy)

Staff can put together course packs of reading material for students in either hard copy or on a CD-ROM provided they comply with the requirements of Part VB. The amount of material that can be copied and included in a course pack is outlined in the texts page.

Course packs should be marked on the front with the following:

This compilation of student reading material has been made in accordance with the provisions of part VB of the Copyright Act for the teaching purposes of Federation University Australia.

For use only by the students of Federation University Australia enrolled in the subject [insert subject name and code]

The following page should be a contents page containing the following bibliographic details:

  • Name of author
  • Title
  • Title of Journal
  • ISBN / ISSN (if known)
  • Publisher (if known)
  • Number of pages copied
  • Number of copies made

Course packs can only be sold at the price required to recover the direct cost of making the copies; there must be no element of profit.