InPlace student information

Student access to InPlace Student System

Log in with your student ID number and FedUni password (the password you’re already using to log into My Student Centre).

All students enrolled in a course that involves going out on placement (even if you arrange those placements yourself) will need to access the InPlace system.

This InPlace Student Placement System is the main way you will communicate with your placement coordinator and academic supervisor while you’re on your placement.  You will need to access the system to make your preferences, find out where you have been placed and use the log book function to communicate with your placement coordinator, supervisors at the University and in some workplaces (depending on where you are, your workplace supervisor may have access to the system).

Need help?

If you’re having difficulty using the system please contact our InPlace Support Coordinator -

If you have questions about your placement please contact your placement coordinator or placement administrative officer

Placement Coordinators

Faculty Clinical / WIL Placement Co-ordinator or the Administrative Officer for Placements for your program.

Nursing & midwifery (Ballarat)

  • Shireen Sewgolam - Placement Coordinator
  • Brenda Oostendorp - Administrative Officer

Nursing & midwifery (Gippsland)

  • Anita Raymond - Placement Coordinator
  • Cheryl Hutchinson - Administrative Officer

Exercise & sports science

  • Melinda Hall - Placement Coordinator
  • Steve Linane - Administrative Officer

Sport management

  • Sallee Caldwell - Placement Coordinator
  • Steve Linane - Administrative Officer

Clinical exercise physiology

  • Megan Charity
  • Steve Linane - Administrative Officer


  • Dr Stephen Edwards - Placement Coordinator


  • Nareeda Miller - Placement Coordinator


  • Sharon Davis - Placement Coordinator
  • Brooke Adam - Administrative Officer
  • Diana Anderson - Administrative Officer
  • Katherine Collyer - Administrative Officer
  • Katrina Halliday - Administrative Officer
  • Lou Buttler - Administrative Officer

Social work

  • Dr Kerryn Bagley - Placement Coordinator
  • Lou Buttler - Administrative Officer
  • Katrina Halliday - Administrative Officer


  • Dr Helen Weadon - Placement Coordinator
  • Debra Rogers - Administrative Officer

Science & technology

  • Brooke Bennett - Administrative Officer

Industry placement program

  • Joanne Matthews