Streaming video (Tube)

Tube is our video streaming service that allows staff to publish video that may be viewed easily online.

  • Content may be published to the world, requiring no login for viewing access.
  • Tube (requires staff login to publish content)

Tube is similar in nature to the world's most popular video streaming website, YouTube, and is based on the open source software PHPmotion.

Frequently asked questions

How can students view content on Tube?

Students generally view Tube content in one of two ways, either by:

  • browsing directly to one of the websites listed above and playing videos, or
  • viewing content that has been embedded from Tube into a web page elsewhere, such as in Moodle or MoodleVET. See below for instructions on embedding content.

Can students publish to Tube?

Students can publish content however they must be granted access by the Tube administrator. Students must login to Tube to create the account which is then in a holding state until permission is granted. Please log a request via Service Desk portal or contact CLIPP to be granted access.

Upload video content to Tube

  • Log in to Tube with your staff username and password. The login link is at the top left of the Tube home page.
  • When logged in, click on the 'Upload New Video' button or 'Upload' link in the top main menu.
  • Complete the details for your video, providing a relevant description and appropriate channel, then click the 'Next' button. If you can't see an appropriate channel to choose from, log a request via Service Desk portal for a new one to be created for you.

Tube screenshot

  • Browse for, and select, the video you wish to upload from your computer. Then click the 'Upload' button.
Tube screenshot

  • Next, you will see the upload progress bar. When your file has completely uploaded it will be processed by the server so that it can be played back in a web browser. Depending on the size of your file, this process could take more than one hour.
Tube screenshot

  • When processing is complete, your video will appear in the category area you chose upon upload.

Upload a video I copied from somewhere else

It is important that you only upload video for which you hold the copyright, or for which copyright does not exist. For assistance with copyright issues, refer to the copyright website.

Privacy issues

It is important that you comply with all privacy requirements. For example, you may need consent from students if you plan to publish a recorded lecture containing video or audio that could be used to identify them. For assistance with privacy issues, refer to the privacy website.

Special software or equipment

Tube is completely web based, so you don't need any extra software. However, you may wish to investigate methods to ensure your video is the best quality possible. If you need more advice about this, please log a request via Service Desk portal or contact CLIPP.

Embed Tube video into other websites like Moodle and MoodleVET

Each video in Tube has its own unique embed code. This code can be copied from Tube and pasted into the HTML editors of other applications, so that the video plays directly inside another web page rather than via the Tube interface. This is most useful for displaying video content inside Moodle or MoodleVET.

  1. Browse to the appropriate Tube video page, eg. by clicking on a link in 'Videos' and selecting content from a channel.
  2. Select and copy the embed code from the video's page. The embed code is on the right hand side of the video.
  3. Paste the embed code into the HTML editor you are using to create or edit a web page elsewhere. Note that you may need to disable WYSIWYG mode in the HTML editor in order to successfully embed your video.

Why can't I see my school or section category in Tube?

Categories, also known as channels, are created by the Tube Streaming Media Administrator on demand. If your school, section or department is not listed in the categories, it's probably because nobody else from your area has uploaded content to Tube yet. If this is the case, log a job request via Service Desk portal for an appropriate category to be created for you.

Need help?

Please log a request via Service Desk portal or contact CLIPP