Record desktop

The SCREEN item is perfect for capturing your desktop, or any application you have running on your desktop. Web pages, Office tools and presentation not supported by the Presentation and Lecturers tool. Either the whole desktop, or a portion of it, is recorded along with your voice.

  1. Click the “CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder” shortcut icon.

    Note: You must download CaptureSpace and launch it from the browser for the 1st time.

  2. Click on the ‘screen’ button of the “Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder” Console. (NB: It should be located centre left)

  3. The ‘Screen Capture Options’ panel will appear automatically giving you the option to choose an appropriate screen for recording from your device. You may only record from a single screen.
    • Full Screen – Select one screen from the available options in order to proceed
    • Select Area – This will open a screen for you to choose the area from which you wish to broadcast specifically

    Then press the RECORD button when you have made your selection.

    If you have chosen the ‘select area’ option, and press RECORD, a SELECT AREA button will appear where the ‘record’ button previously appeared. Press the SELECT AREA button

    • Move your mouse to the top left position of the area you wish to capture. Click and hold the left mouse button and drag the mouse (down and right) to select a Stage Area (please note that only this area will be visible to the recording software). Release the button to commence recording.
  4. The recording panel will then commence a ‘5 second’ count down before automatically recording from your select area of the chosen screen.

  5. Your recording will commence with the option to DRAW, PAUSE, FINISH or CANCEL your recording session.

  6. Clicking the DRAW button will reveal a pop-up drawing panel with shape and pen tools and a colour palette. Select a tool and a colour to draw on the screen.

  7. If you click PAUSE your recording will be halted. It is easy for you to recommence your recording session by clicking the RESUME button.
  8. If you wish to terminate your recording session you can press the CANCEL button.This step will take you to an exit window requesting you confirm you wish to end without saving your session.

  9. When you have completed your recording session click DONE on the recording in progress panel.

  10. A post-production recording window will now open.

  11. The post-production window allows you to perform basic editing, by TRIMming the start and/or end of the video or CHOPping small portions from the middle of the video. You can also add TITLES and CREDITS to your recording. Click APPLY to implement your alteration(s).

  12. When you have completed your post-production recording click the DONE button.

  13. You will then be presented with the ‘Upload Options’ panel. Enter a title, description and tags to assist. Upload your content by pressing the UPLOAD button at the bottom of the panel.

    Note: Keep the character length short for the Title as there is a limit of characters.

    Tip: Use your course code as a tag to assist with organising and finding your material later.

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