Record a presentation

The Presentation & Lectures feature of CaptureSpace allows you to simultaneously record a slide presentation, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, whilst also capturing you webcam and audio. The slide transitions can then be used as chapters for the presentation.

  1. Open the “CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder” shortcut key.

    Note: You must download CaptureSpace and launch it from the browser for the 1st time.

  2. Click on the PRESENTATIONS & LECTURES tab of the “Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder” Console.

  3. The “Recording options” will display information about the webcam(s), screen capture, presentation and sound options (Windows version shown. Mac only supports a single web cam at this time).

    • Select a Webcam, you can choose up to 2 webcams at a time (Windows only) – You can choose from 2 video resolution options, either 480P or 720P.

    Note: Default is usually correct – increasing the resolution will also increase the final file si
    • Screen Capture – You can choose from 2 video resolution options, either 720P or 1080P.

    Note: Default is usually correct – You may need to increase the resolution if you have fine detail on screen, this will also increase the final file size.

    • Sound - Select a Microphone. You may also choose to disable audio here.

  4. Presentation – When selecting On, CaptureSpace will request that you upload a slideshow presentation. Click the Browse button to upload the Presentation you will be narrating.

    When the file has finished uploading the presentation will appear in the right 2/3rds of the screen.
  5. Your preview capture screens will display in the right 2/3rds of the screen area. This is initially only a preview screen and not the capture screen at this point.
  6. When you are satisfied with the “recording options” panel then press the RECORD button.
  7. The recording panel will automatically commence a ‘5 second’ count before commencing recording.
  8. During recording you have the option to DRAW, PAUSE, FINISH or CANCEL your session.

  9. The DRAW button will reveal a pop-up drawing panel. Select the shape/pen and colour to draw on the presentation area.

  10. If you wish to pause your recording, but intend to continue, click PAUSE session. You can recommence your recording session by clicking the RESUME button.
  11. If you wish to terminate your recording session, without saving, press the CANCEL button. An exit window that will prompt you that you area about to delete your session recording.

  12. When you are satisfied with your recording session, press the DONE button on the recording in progress panel.

  13. A post-production recording window will open.

  14. When you are in the post-production webcam window you will find additional buttons for improving your work, such as the ‘trim button’ (reduce the start and finish content) and CHOP button (remove any specific portion). The ‘apply button’ will implement your alteration.

  15. When you have completed your post-production recording click the DONE button.

  16. You will then be presented with the ‘Upload Options’ panel. Enter a title, description and tags to assist. Upload your content by pressing the ‘upload’ button at the bottom of the panel.


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