Upload media to Kaltura

You can upload video and audio to Kaltura for use in Moodle, Mahara and, with permission, to Kaltura's public facing service FedFlix. Kaltura supports most common video and audio formats. Media uploaded to Kaltura remains private until shared by the person who uploaded the file.

1. To upload media go to your Moodle Dashboard page, located in the My classes menu.

2. Select My Media from the Navigation block.

3. After the My Media page loads, click the blue Add New menu and then select Media Upload.

4. Click Choose a file to upload.

5. Browse to the file stored on your computer, select and click Open.

6. Once the file has finished uploading, you can:

  • Name your video provide something short and concise detailing what the video is for eg. ITECH 1000 Lecture Recording Week 1
  • Provide a Description
  • Tags: Make you video easier to find when searching

7. The following settings are optional, and not covered here. The defaults are generally suitable for most use cases.

  • Add Collaborator: Co-editors and Co-publishers can edit the content metadata and related assets such as caption files and have the ability to publish the resource more widely.
  • Public or Private: You need only change this from Private if you wish for others to be able to publish your content outside of your Moodle course.
  • Choose another file: If you have other files to upload, you may do so now, remember to hit Save first.

8. When done click Save.

9. Click Go To My Media, your file will now be listed in the My Media list.