Kaltura embedding a video into Mahara

In Mahara you have the ability to upload a Kaltura video into a page so it plays within the page importing it from Moodle.

Getting your Kaltura videos Embed code

To Put a Kaltura video into Mahara you must have the embed code for that video from your video which will be located in Moodle to link to it.

  1. Click on My Media under your Name in the top right of your course.
  2. From the Media list, choose the video you wish to share on Mahara when you have chosen your video click on the video name link.

  3. Inside your video click on the Share button.

  4. Under Share click on Embed to select all the code you must copy then press Ctrl + C on your keyboard to copy the text.

  5. Paste all this code somewhere where you can paste this code into Mahara later on like a text file or word document.

Embedding your Video in Mahara

  1. From you chosen page within Mahara ensure you are in edit mode and click on the External tab.

  2. From the External tab choose External Media.

  3. Choose the position you want the video either Left, Centre or Right and click Add to add the block.

  4. Give your block a Title what the video is and insert the videos embed you have saved specified above by pasting it into the URL or embed code section.

Note: If you wish your video to be shown automatically or hidden away collapsed in a block set the Retractable setting to No or Yes do not set this to Automatically Retract as this will cause your video to not load.

  1. When done click on Save.

  2. Your Video should now be visible on the screen.