How to add a Kaltura video quiz to Moodle

A Kaltura video quiz is a specially designed video which has the ability to include multiple choice questions at pre-determined points within the video. Whilst results are not integrated with the Moodle gradebook, questions can be utilised to further engage students and aid in reflection.

Creating a video quiz

  1. Go to your Dashboard page in Moodle.

  2. Click on My Media under the Navigation block.

  3. Under the Add New menu click Video Quiz.

  4. Choose to add a pre-existing video from the list below by clicking Select or upload a new media by clicking on +Upload Media and uploading a file to Kaltura.

  5. Once you have chosen your video you need to configure the settings for your video quiz by choosing from the dropdown menu for each category of settings. See below for an explanation of each item.

  6. General
  • Quiz Name - Provide a name for your quiz.
  • Welcome Message - Insert a welcome message to display before the commencement of the quiz.
  • In-Video Tip - Display the pre-configured instructions.
  • Question List - Viewers can download the questions before the quiz starts.

  • Experience
    • Edit Answer - allows viewers to change their answers before submitting the quiz
    • Skip For Now - allows viewers to skip questions and come back to them.

  • Score
  • Decide whether you wish to show scores to students choose:

    • Do Not Show Scores - to just display a thank you message instead of student scores.
    • Show Scores - allows viewers to see their score after they have submitted their quiz.
    • Include Answer - will include correct/Incorrect answers.

  • Add Questions by playing the video and pausing where you want to add the quiz question and clicking the Add button.

  • Click in the Add a Question Here box to insert your Question.

  • In the Add the CORRECT Answer Here box click in it and type the correct answer for the question. The green outlined box will always be the correct answer box.

  • Next, click in the Add Additional Answer Here box to insert distractors. To Add additional distractors, click on the (+) button below. Repeat this until you have added sufficient distractors.

  • Note: Move your cursor to the left of one of your possible answers to delete it from the list of possible answers.

  • In the top right of the screen you have the ability to add either a Hint or a Why. Add a Hint to show a clue which will assist in finding the correct answer but will not give it away. Why is used to justify why that particular answer is correct over the other answers.

  • When done click Save, your question should now be added to the video. Repeat from step 9 to insert additional questions.

  • In the lower left of your screen, there are two buttons, Go To Media or Preview Quiz. Go To Media takes you to your finished video quiz. Preview Quiz will allow you to preview the quiz, as students will see it.

  • Click Go to Media to return to your media library. From here you can see the details of your video. Share your video by using a provided Embed code. Under Actions you are able to Edit, Publish, Edit Quiz, see Analytics or Delete the video.

  • TIP: After creating your quiz, you may insert it anywhere in Moodle that supports Kaltura media items.