Creating and grading a video assignments

Kaltura adds a new assignment type to Moodle. Students can submit video content directly to Moodle and staff can view and grade these videos without the need for secret links or other issues associated with external video repositories such as Youtube®.

Note: It is recommended to have video assignments no longer than 15-20 minutes. Longer videos cause excess marking for markers and the quality of work drops.

Creating a Kaltura Media Assignment

1. Ensure editing is on by clicking the green Turn editing on button.

2. Click Add an activity or resource.

3. Select Video Assignment and then click Add.

4. In the new window that appears, provide a name for the assignment. eg. Assignment 1 Student Video Report.

6. To set a start date, check the enable box at the far end of Available from. Then, using the drop down items, set the date and time the assignment will open.

7. Repeat this process for the Due Date.

8. Choose if you wish to prevent late submission being accepted.

Note: Selecting Yes will prevent any submissions after the due date. We recommend you leave this as No.

9. Allow resubmitting of files once a student has already submitted.

Note: If you select Yes, and to Prevent late submissions is also Yes, students will be able to change the submitted assignment even after the due date.

Tip: Change this to Yes if a student submits the wrong file and needs to change it. Change it back once they have corrected their submission

10. Email teachers every time a student has submitted or updates a file.

11. Click Save and return to course.

Marking Kaltura Assignments

1. To mark submitted video assignments, click on the Video Assignment's link.

2. Click Grade Submissions

3. You will now see a list of all students in your course. Click the Grade link to grade that particular student.

Note: You are able to use Group Filter to filter between the different Moodle groups in your course. This may be useful if you are marking a particular campus cohort eg. Mt Helen, Gippsland or Berwick. However, this assignment type does not support group assignments. The Show filter at the bottom of the screen can be used to filter students who either require grading, or have submitted. Allow quick grade allows you to insert marks quickly into a Grade box and comments in a Comment box. If using quick grading you must manually save periodically.

4. On the Marking screen, you will be given the student’s name and submission details such as their submission date. Their submission video to watch and assess and Grade to assign a mark to the student.

Note: This assignment type only supports whole numbers.

5. Below Grade is a Feedback box where you can enter feedback on the student’s video.

6. Click Save changes to apply grade and comments and be returned to the grading overview page.