Methods of pre-recording online lectures or presentations

What it could be

  • Screen casting: video capture of a teacher's computer screen with voice-over. This is the most effective way to capture demonstrating using software or if needing to narrate and describe browsing through a web site for example.
    Find out more information about screen capture.
  • Narrated PowerPoint movie: the teacher narrates over the PowerPoint capturing the timing and voice which is then exported as a movie file.
  • Video of lecturer talking (use sparingly): This method has some benefits, especially in establishing teacher presence for fully online courses, however it only provides limited visual input for the message and isn't as effective as other options.
     View an online example of video discussion.
  • Animation (time-consuming and difficult to develop): arguably the most effective – think of those animated TED talks, where the content is literally illustrated as you watch. However this is very time consuming and difficult to develop, and we only have very limited capacity to
    produce this kind of content.
    View an online example of animation development.
  • Audio file (limited effect): only provides students with one sensory input for receiving the information, and is therefore not as effective as a usual lecture.
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  • Perhaps the most effective method would be a combination of all the above elements matched appropriately to the message being delivered as happens with effective documentaries. However, this is very time consuming and difficult to produce. 

What it's not

  • A straight PowerPoint file: A standard PowerPoint file is not a substitute for a delivered lecture. It only gives the students part of the information that a teacher would present.
    To get the most effective solution for the least time and effort, we recommend using the simple DIY solution of a narrated PowerPoint movie. This is something that all teachers will be able to do from the comfort of their own office.