What the flipped model looks like

Online component

  • Pre-recorded lectures in smaller 'chunks' (20 min limit)
  • Followed up with short self-marking online quiz to test the concepts and consolidate what students have learnt.

In class component

  • Discussion around pre-viewed online content
  • Testing of concepts
  • Workshop and problem solving activities.

Important consideration

  • Fundamental change in teaching style: Educators may be used to the traditional style and format of lectures, and so moving to using class time for more student-centred active learning may require some planning around what will actually happen in the class. 

Models demonstrating the use of the flipped classroom in the higher education setting

Figure 1: Experiential Flipped Classroom Model

Learner-Generated-Now What- Creative, personalised, projects, presentations, demonstration and application. Educator-Suggested-Experience- Games, simulations, interactives, experiments, community project, arts activities, experiential engagement. Learner-Generated-So What- Blogging, reflective podcasts, reflective vodcasts, tests, meaning making. Educator-Suggested- What- Video lectures, audio lectures, content-rich websites, online chats, concept exploration.

Image Source: https://usergeneratededucation.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/2012-05-14_1232.png

Figure 2: Blooms Taxonomy

Traditional Model- Students are responsible for homework in the Creating, Evaluating and Analysing and Applying levels of understanding. Teachers introduce new material to students in the Understanding and Remembering levels. Flipped Model- Students and teachers work together during the school day in the Creating, Evaluating, Analysing and Applying levels of learning. New material is introduced to students outside of class as their homework in the Understanding and Remembering levels of learning.

Image source: http://nextgenerationextension.org/2013/10/01/blooms-and-the-flipped-classroom/
Original source: Image: Williams, Beth (2013). How I flipped my classroom. NNNC Conference, Norfolk, NE.