Export to Portfolio

You can export files, forum posts, chat sessions, glossary and database entries from Moodle to your Mahara ePortfolio anywhere you see the Export to portfolio link or icon Export to Portfolio Icon in Moodle. Exported information will be transferred to the incoming folder in your Mahara Files area.

1. Locate the file or other content you wish to export to Mahara. In the screenshot below, the forum posts and the attached file can be exported. 

Click on the export icon Export to Portfolio Icon to transfer a file to Mahara

Export Forum Post from Moodle

2. There is no need to configure the export. Click Next

Configure Export

3. Confirm the export on the following page by clicking the Continue button

Confirm Export 

4. You will receive a message similar to the following. Note that it may take a few minutes for the transfer to complete

Export Queue

5. The exported file can be found in your ePortfolio's incoming folder

Incoming Folder 


You can export forum posts, chat sessions, glossary and database entries in a similar way, wherever you see the Export to portfolio link. Export in HTML format to find HTML files in your incoming folder. These HTML files can then be displayed in your Mahara pages by selecting the Some HTML block when editing.


Tip: Edit the name and/or description of your HTML files after they arrive in Mahara to help you remember what they refer to.