Audio recording (Audacity)

Audio recording can be highly beneficial in an educational setting. It is the process of digitally capturing content given in a lecture or other group environments. Listed below are links on recording discussions, how to edit and distribute audio files. 

You can choose to record into a sound-editing program directly, record during a discussion on a smart phone (using a lapel microphone) or by using a mp3 recorder.


We recommend using Audacity to capture and edit your sound files.  Audacity is a free open-source sound-editing program. You can download Audacity from the SourceForge website.

Resources and Links

These external links will guide you from the beginning of your project, to completion. 

Exporting as MP3 file: Due to patent restrictions, if you have version lower than Audacity 1.3.3 you may have difficulties exporting to Mp3 via Audacity without the LAME add-on.