Designing for blended and online delivery

How students learn in an online environment is different to that of a face-to-face environment. Therefore careful consideration is required when planning how content is to be delivered and what is required to ensure the online learning experience is engaging and effective.

When planning your online class, you need to consider the following:

  • The importance of pedagogy before technology
  • Consider which components are better suited to the online learning environment

Aligning assessment with learning outcomes

  • The impact of digital literacy and information engagement

The video clip below explores the experience and recommendations by a number of university academics on their journey of planning and implementing blended and online courses. For a more comprehensive outline, read through the "Learning to teach online: Planning your online class" document (PDF, 498kb).

Video resources

For a comprehensive exploration of the online learning and teaching environment, check out these short informative video clips developed by UNSW COFA: online as part of an Australian Learning and Teaching Council funded project.

BOLD learning and models of course design

For more information on guidelines, standards and models to support the design and delivery of blended and online learning at Federation University Australia, see:

Professional development opportunity

Any staff member wishing to extend their professional knowledge and undertake study in the area of online learning and teaching, contact the Online and Teaching Futures team in CLIPP for information on the BOLD Fundamentals: Teaching Online professional development course.

This online package is offered each semester and is designed to support staff in the ongoing development of knowledge, skills and application required to create an effective and successful online learning and teaching environment.

Where can I get support?

Each faculty has their own embedded eLearning contacts who can provide advice and assistance in developing your blended or online course. Alternatively, CLIPP staff can provide help.