Constructive alignment

Developed by John Biggs, constructive alignment is the practice of ensuring that intended learning outcomes for a course/unit/program of study are effective, clear and purposeful and that learning activities are developed in alignment with these outcomes. At Federation University Australia it is policy to ensure that outcomes are written, and assessments are developed, in accordance with the principles of constructive alignment. For details, see Supplementary Guidelines: Learning Outcomes and Assessment (Docx, 558kb)

Video resources

Below are three short videos that demonstrate the use of constructive alignment at a higher educational institution. This visual representation delivers a foundation for understanding what a teacher needs to do in order to ensure all types of students have an opportunity to learn what is intended, through constructive alignment – the construction of learning tasks aligned with intended learning outcomes.

  1. "Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding (1/3)" (YouTube, 8:12min)
  2. "Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding (2/3)" (YouTube, 6:18min)
  3. "Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding (3/3)" (YouTube, 6:00min)