Types of assessment

Choosing the right assessment type depends upon what needs to be demonstrated by the student as evidence that they have achieved the intended learning outcomes of the course. There are multitudes of ways to assess knowledge, skill or application. Below are just some different types of assessment tasks used within higher education.


  1. Written Discourses
  2. Oral Discourses
  3. Performance – Exhibition – Demonstration
  4. Design
  5. Student-negotiated

For an extensive list of types and examples, view the resource developed by the Learning and Teaching Unit Queensland University of Technology (PDF, 60.3kb)

University policy and resources

View more information about Assessment Policies and Procedures.

Where can I get support?

Each faculty has their own embedded course design contacts and/or Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching who can provide advice and assistance in determining the right assessment types for your course. Alternatively, CLIPP staff can provide help.