Nina Fotinatos

Position: Director, Centre for Learning Innovation Professional PracticeNIna

Location: Level 2 (Top Floor), Albert Coates Complex, MT Helen Campus

Phone: (03) 5327 9145



  • Graduate Certificate of Education (Tertiary Teaching)
    (University of Ballarat) 2012
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (Public Health and Pathology)
    (Charles Sturt University) 2010
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Laboratory Science, Honours)
    (RMIT) 1999
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Laboratory Science)
    (RMIT) 1996


Associate Professor Nina Fotinatos is a passionate academic who has a keen interest in learning, teaching and leadership in the higher education and VET sector. These interests further expand into the following domains: scholarship of learning and teaching; governance; institutional leadership; team dynamics; student centred learning/support and flexible professional development opportunities for all staff.

Leadership and Professional Associations:

  • Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) Assessor  (Jan 2012-current)
  • Leadership Ballarat Western Region 2012 Participant (City of Ballarat; Based on Williamson Community Leadership Program, 12 month program funded by the applicant)
  • Committee member at university level: Academic Board, Academic Board Executive, Quality Committee, Policy Committee, Curriculum Committee
  • Chair (Federation University Australia) Learning & Teaching Committee (Jan 2012-current)
  • Chair (School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Health) Learning & Teaching Committee (Jan 2012-June 2014)
  • Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching, School of Health Sciences (Jan 2012-June 2014)
  • Committee member at Faculty level:  Faculty Executive Group, Program Committee, Learning & Teaching Committee
  • A SaMnet (Science and Mathematics network) Scholar (2012 – present)

Grant and Awards:


Centre Learning Innovation Professional Practice (CLIPP) Fellowship

$10,000: University-wide competitive process

Title: Foundations of University Teaching Project (non-award): Developing a resource and professional development series to support staff in learning and teaching across the university (Co-research Dr Lara Wakeling)


Australian Competitive Research Symposium

Equal first (University of Ballarat Finalist)

$2000: A 5-minute presentation on behalf the Strengthening Sexuality Education team

Title: The Sex Education Sieve


University of Ballarat Annual Research Conference

$500 Original Article

Title: The provision of sexual health education in Australia: primary school

teachers' perspectives in rural Victoria


Australasian Sexual Health Conference (Sydney, NSW)

$500 Best Health Promotion poster

Title: Puberty and Health Education in Ballarat Primary Schools: teacher training, experience and confidence


ALTC Citation Award Winner (1 of 22 citations awards in the Early Career Teaching Category)

$10,000: Australian Learning Teaching Council (ALTC)

Title: For fostering student engagement through authentic, practical experiences as a basis for building capacity in future healthcare professionals to transfer skills across the sector.


Vice Chancellor's Citations for Contribution to Student Learning Award Winner (1 of 10)

$1,000: The University of Ballarat competitive

Title: For the development of future multi-skilled healthcare professionals, able to learn, develop and embrace new knowledge by methods of reflection and practical experiences.


Nominated in the 2010 UNIJOB "Top 10 lecturers of the year" at the University of Ballarat


Early Career Research Development Program Seed funding

$7,000: The University of Ballarat

Title: The evaluation of sexual health education and its effect on sexually transmitted prevalence in the Ballarat and surrounding communities


Research Seed Project Funding

$5,000: Ballarat Community Health and Addressing Disadvantage and Inequality in Health and Education (UB Research Theme)

Title: Sexual health prevention in Ballarat youth settings

Previous Teaching areas:

  • Diagnostic Pathology: SCMED 2020 Immunology; SCMED 2040 Infectious Disease; SCMED 3031 Public Health; SCMED 3032 Clinical Haematology; SCMED 3033 Anatomical Pathology

Research interests:

Learning and teaching domains

  • Shifting culture in higher education sector regarding useful practical experiences
  • Innovative learning, teaching and assessment strategies which enhance the student experience and encourages transferable skills into the health care workplace

Public health

  • Strengthening Sexuality Education: I have a keen interest in improving puberty and sexual health promotion in regional and rural schools in effort to improve the learning outcomes for adolescents within a school environment. I believe that supporting a comprehensive sexuality education system in our education system will have a profound positive effect on the well-being of young people in our society.
  • Gender Equity and the Women's Health: I have a keen interest in examining gender representation at the population planning level. My research student is currently working with Women's Health Grampians to development a policy audit tool that can be applied to numerous documents and measure how well gender is represented in key documents. The level of acknowledgement regarding differences in gender at a policy level may potentially have a profound effect on how gender is interpreted in policies and the subsequent guidelines and population planning strategies than can be implemented to improve women health outcomes.
  • Cardiovascular Disease in Rural Communities: I have a keen interest in the effectiveness of health promotion within our regional community, particularly regarding the associated between women and cardiovascular diseases in the following key areas: Awareness of risk factors; identifying barriers; perceptions of signs and symptoms; effectiveness of health promotion campaigns.

Disease and diagnosis

  • Cervical Cancer and Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Screening Techniques
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Developing Countries

Examples of supervised projects

  • Gender Equity and Population Planning:
    PhD: Embedding gender in the population planning domain: How will this affect the health outcomes of women in regional Australia?
  • Cardiovascular Disease:
    Honours: A measurement of cardiovascular disease awareness and lifestyle risk factors in Ballarat women
  • Prostate Cancer Research:
    Honours: Prostate cancer risk and the role of the Y chromosome


  • Smith, A., Fotinatos, N., Duffy, B., Burke, J. The provision of puberty health in Australia: primary school teachers' perspective in rural Victoria. Sex Education: Sexuality, Society and Learning 2010; (Currently in press)
  • Duffy, B., Fotinatos, N., Smith, A., Burke, J. Puberty, Health and Sexual Education in Ballarat Primary Schools: Grade five and six teacher perceptions. Sex Education: Sexuality Society and Learning, May 2012, 1-18, iFirst Article. Read article online
  • Charchar FJ., Kaiser M., Bingham AJ., Fotinatos N., Ahmady F., Tomaszewski M., Samani, NJ. Whole genome survey of copy number variation in the spontaneously hypertensive rat: relationship to quantitative trait loci, gene expression, and bloodpressure. Hypertension. 2010 May; 55 (5): 1231-8. E pub 2010 March 15.
  • Fotinatos, N., Warmington, A., Walker, T., Pilbeam, M. Knowledge and perceptions of cervical cancer and health in Vanuatu. Health Promotion Journal of Australia, 2010: 21(2):127-129.
  • Fotinatos N., Warmington A., Walker T., Pilbeam M., Trichomonas vaginalis in Vanuatu. Australian Journal Rural Health, 2008; 16(1): 23-27.
  • Fotinatos N, Warmington A., Walker T., Pilbeam M., Estimates for Cervical Abnormalities in Vanuatu. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 2007; 31(6): 571-575.