Group learning activities


To generate student-student and student-teacher interaction.

General element

Group learning activities

Specific components and examples

Communication and interactive engagement

Learner collaboration and interactivity is a key strategy for facilitating learning in online environments. Teachers use group based activities such as forums (either forums for socialisation or teacher-led topic discussion forums) to enhance communication, connection and engagement among their online learners. Forums can also provide the vehicle for collaboration amongst students working a group task, as can the wiki, glossary and database tools in Moodle.

Peer assessment is another group based strategy which provides students with an opportunity to reflect about and review the output or performance of their fellow students in a course. Students benefit from exposure to alternative perspectives which can aid their comprehension of course topics. Comparing responses (peer to peer and peers' to their own) also stimulates their critical thinking and analysis skills. They also need to critically consider the components of a quality response, to analyse the criteria for assessment and compare what they are assessing with those criteria.

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